July 12, 2012

Burnt Ones - "Protection Circle"

Burnt Ones sound like the bastard offspring of T. Rex. Whereas neighboring Bay area groups like the now defunct Bare Wires picked up on various threads of the glam scene—from Gary Glitter to Sweet and The New York Dolls—and mixed it up with a touch of punk, Burnt Ones straight up worship at the glittery altar of Marc Bolan with sincere and intoxicating hip-shaking force. What makes the Burnt Ones so enjoyable to listen to is that they aren't just anonymously borrowing from an idol, they openly celebrate their influences, as on the playful foot-stomper "Gonna Listen To T. Rex (All Night Long)." The band's dark blasts of fuzzed-out guitars, giant punches of drumming, and anthemic howls have already been pressed onto a handful of singles (most of which are long sold-out) and one long-player. The latest 7" though—released on Warm Soda's imprint, Fuzz City Records—may contain the band's most brilliantly realized nugget yet: "Protection Circle." Throwing fistfuls of dark magic, high voltage electricity, and gold-speckled glitter into a black cauldron, Burnt Ones summon up a piece of truly quaking boogie-rock ecstasy.

Order the Protection Circle 7" from Fuzz City. The band also has a few copies of its sold-out Burger Records 7" in their store.

Burnt Ones - "Protection Circle"

Black Teeth & Golden Tongues - Burnt Ones

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