July 11, 2012

Fletcher C. Johnson - "Send Me Your Love"

Fletcher C. Johnson have already released two of our very favorite songs of 2012—the bone-jarring foot-stomper "Messin' Up My Mind" and the hilariously weird and excellent "Lost My Head"—via a 7" on White Iris. Now the band is slated to release a full-length on cassette for Burger Records—Salutations. Below, sneak a peak via the candy-sweet falsetto-soaked soul number "Send Me Your Love." Be warned: the song just breaks the two-minute mark, so you'll be hitting play over and over (and over) again.

The Salutations cassette is in an edition of 250 hand-numbered copies. Pre-order it from Burger Records.

Fletcher C. Johnson - "Send Me Your Love" (from Salutations)

Fletcher C. Johnson - "Messin' Up My Mind" (from Messin' Up My Mind 7")

Fletcher C Johnson

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