November 2, 2012

Francisco The Man :: Tiger 7"

Los Angeles act Francisco The Man's newest 7"—out now on Small Plates Records—is a two-part bruiser: while the A-side "Tiger" muscles up sludgy drums and slinky guitar maneuvers, B-side "Broken Arrows" is a 6-minute-plus cinematic foot-race decked out in rousing harmonies and a bass line that at the 1:57-mark simply goes bat-shit crazy. What's so refreshing about Francisco The Man is that all of the group's experimental flourishes are contained within the basic structure of an uptempo rock song: the music is progressive, dynamic, and interesting to listen to, yes, but it's also foot-tapping and exciting rock 'n' roll. What I'm getting at is whether you're equipped with a beer, bong, or cup of freshly brewed coffee, these songs will light up your brain's synapses like the 4th of July.

Buy the vinyl single from Small Plates.

Francisco The Man - "Tiger"
Francisco The Man - "Broken Arrows"

Tiger - Single - Francisco the Man!

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