November 1, 2012

Andy Human - "Land of The Dinosaurs"

The track "Land of The Dinosaurs" launches with a pumping bass and celebratory guitar thrusting that sound straight out of a car-cruising-through-the-city montage from your favorite 1980s flick. Oakland's Andy Human drops lines steeped in the excess and confusion of a wild and hungry youth, like "I want to do everything all the time, and more" and "Don't know anything about the world. / Don't know if I'm a boy or a girl." Dabbling in bits of glam-rock and new-wave with a truly singular weirdo attitude, Human's formula is a winning and instantaneously infectious one. "Land of The Dinosaurs" is off of Human's newest LP, Freeze, out now on Chromewaves Radio.

Pick up the limited vinyl.

Andy Human - "Land of The Dinosaurs"

Andy Human

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