November 6, 2012

Pangea - "River"

The chorus on "River" by Los Angeles band Pangea is dead simple: "Looking at the river, cause the river can run." And it's a line, that in between verses about drinking 40s in the street and waste and excess, is repeated incessantly in an excited mantra-like meditation. The band's lead singer, who sounds like he drank ten too many cups of coffee or just smoked a fistful of Walter White's signature Blue Sky, seems to find solace in the hypnotic rush of water as the world races chaotically around. The river here may as well be the music, as the surging guitars and quick hammering drums fly for two-and-a-half minutes, slicing the air waves into ribbons of slow falling dust.

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Pangea - "River" (from Killer Dreams EP)

Killer Dreams - EP - Pangea

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