October 31, 2012

Hasil Adkins - "No More Hot Dogs"

A friend sent over this Halloween beauty, "No More Hot Dogs," from Appalachian psychobilly pioneer Hasil Adkins a few weeks ago and it's full of wonderfully devious cackles and the quintessential evil-doer maniacal laugh. Adkins, who performed as a one-man band, constructed his first guitar at age 10 and recorded the majority of his material in a shack with a home tape recorder. Talk about bad ass. Said track, "No More Hot Dogs," was originally released back in 1955 via Norton Records on the LP Out To Hunch. Here's a choice lyrical selection: "Now honey, don't you be afraid / Because I'm going to cut your head off about a half past 8. / Just like I said, I'm gonna cut your head off / And you can eat no more hot dogs." Happy Halloween.

Hasil Adkins - "No More Hot Dogs"

Hasil Adkins

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  1. Great choice...for the next year, let it be the Gravedigger V, San Diego 80s garage band on the Voxx label.