October 31, 2012

The Growlers - "Use Me For Your Eggs"

Costa Mesa quintet The Growlers are readying the release of their third record together, Hung At Heart, due out on January 22nd via Everloving Records. Back in August, Spin gave us the first peek of the LP via the infectious psych-pop beach-goth nugget, "One Million Lovers." Now here's the dizzying vocals-bouncing-off-the-walls second take, "Use Me For Your Eggs." Over scattershot drumming and cranked-out organ riffage, lead singer Brooks Nielsen sings, "Before you eat me up and spit me out / Find love in my blood and use me for your eggs." As Nielsen eloquently explains to Rolling Stone, "The song's about seeing a girl you want so badly that you'd give her a ring and nut in her to seal the deal."

The Growlers - "Use Me for Your Eggs"

Are You In Or Out? - The Growlers


  1. This song would be better if it were about aliens

  2. 30 seconds...