October 26, 2012

Rainbow Arcade :: Laughing Man & More Humans

DC-based brothers and recording partners Hays and Ryan Holladay of experimental act Bluebrain recently recorded 14 area bands at Iguazu Sound in Arlington, Virginia. This past June, they released the sessions as a compilation dubbed Rainbow Arcade. The comp was an opportunity for artists that do a lot of home recording to stretch out their legs in a real studio, though the opportunity also came with a challenge: each act had just 3 hours to nail down a track. Two clear standouts are the dynamic ear-worming numbers from More Humans and Laughing Man. More Humans, who releaed a stellar EP last year on DC imprint Cricket Cemetery, build from a subtle piano riff to giant smacking hits of bassy synths on on the dizzying pop number "Magga." On the other hand, Laughing Man, one of DC's most distinctive rock acts, apply ample amounts of fuzz and expressive shout-sung vocals to the rollicking punk-soul of "Brilliant Colors"—a track frontman Brandon Moses wrote about growing up with his mother.

Download Rainbow Arcade via a pay-what-you-want scenario on Bandcamp.

Laughing Man

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