August 14, 2012

Chiffon - "Dru Hill"

Baltimore's Chase O'Hara—who released our favorite raunchy sex anthem "Slap Me Choke Me Cum On You" as Winks—is still very much fascinated with the intersection between music and sex. This time though, as Chiffon, O'Hara has dropped the ramshackle garage-rock approach for a slick backdrop of fat bass lines and cheesed-up synthesizer melodies. O'Hara's voice also takes on a smooth whispery touch here, as on slow jam "Dru Hill," in which he croons alongside bandmate Amy Reid: "Cause tonight I'm a freak in the sheets / I can be your fantasy. " File under: cosmically-inspired far-out space-funk for the bedroom.

Chiffon is touring the East Coast with Lands & Peoples starting Saturday the 18th in Boston.

Chiffon - "Dru Hill"

She's Done - Winks

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