August 14, 2012

Denney & The Jets :: S/T EP

Nashville's Denney & The Jets—the group behind one of our all-time favorite intoxicted sing-alongs, "Pain Pills"—are releasing a new batch of songs on August 21st via Miami-based imprint Limited Fanfare Records. Since it's inception, Chris Denney's country-and-beer-soaked rock band has included everyone in the East Nashville scene from JEFF The Brotherhood's Orrall brothers to Daniel Pujuol and Natural Child's Wes Traylor. Now with a solidified lineup featuring Sean Cotton, Joe Scala, Evan Scala, and Ric Alessio, Denney and company are dishing out The Jets' most polished material to date. Denney—who recently released covers by the likes of Chuck Berry and George Jones—takes his cues from early rock 'n' roll pioneers and classic country storytellers on this 5-track EP to create a warm whiskey shot of classic, unbridled, and pretension-free rock music. Like the old beat up jukebox in your favorite neighborhood dive, you don't play The Jets for the superior sound quality, you throw in your change for the song selection and the attitude: a warm crackling fit of fuzz, heartache, and destruction.

Stream: Denney & The Jets - S/T EP

Bonus jams:
Denney & The Jets feat. Jessi Darlin - "Come On" (Chuck Berry)
Denney & The Jets - "Just One More" (George Jones)

Denney and The Jets


  1. Don't wanna forget one of the most solid bass players in Nashville, Ole Joey Scala!!

  2. @anonymous Added Joe up there, thanks for the heads up!

  3. fuck yes from berlin

    come to europe you honkies