August 15, 2012

The State Department - "Engender Me"

One of DC's best bands, The State Department, is calling it quits (drummer Aaron Baird is moving to London) after their final show tonight at U Street Music Hall. As part of the send-off, the band has its final two EPs available on Bandcamp via a pay-what-you-want scenario. Brand new track "French By Spilled Blood" pairs a bit of Built To Spill-recalling guitar wizardry with an inspired raspy howl from singer Mike Medlock, while counterparts like "Mount Pleasant" revel in dark, swirling, frenetic bursts of energy. For first timers though, we recommend the sharp funky bass workouts and angular post-punk riffage of 2010 standouts "Bon Vivant" and "Engender Me" as starting points—songs worth playing on repeat all day long.

Grab the EPs from Bandcamp. DC residents, tickets for tonight's show are available here.

The State Department - "Engender Me" (from S/T EP)

Chain & The Gang

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