July 18, 2012

Natural Child - "B$G P$MP$N"

Important facts about Natural Child's new single, "B$G P$MP$N," and forthcoming album, Hard In Heaven.

1. "We cowrote "B$G P$MP$N" with Chuck Berry." - Zack

2. Choice lyric: "Ya'll know me I'm just having fun / Bitches lining up just to shoot my gun / Everybody want to see me shoot my gun / But I don't come until I wanna come."

3. "Hard In Heaven is going to be a lot more hard." - Seth

4. Hard In Heaven, the band's second LP to be released in 2012, is due out September 11th on Burger Records.

Natural Child - "B$G P$MP$N" (from Hard In Heaven)

Natural Child

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