July 20, 2012

The Orwells :: Remember When

"We got this fear of aging / We're living in a daydream / I know when something's changing."

That above lyric is from "Never Ever," a slow-burning scorcher off barely-legal Chicago outfit The Orwells' forthcoming LP Remember When. It's a simple enough cycle of lyrics, but singer Mario Cuomo leaves an indelible footprint ove the words with a thundering, throat-ripping, and emotive punk-rock howl. The typical assortment of teenage signifiers and descriptors—angsty, hormonally-charged, rebellious—line Remember When up and down, but the music exceeds and surpasses any sort of pigeon-holed definition—these songs are classic, and if there's a curve, this music's looking back at in the rearview mirror. The best rock 'n' roll has always been made by and for the kids, and The Orwells are continuing that tradition at full battering-ram speed.

Below, check out one of the five-piece's very best songs, the volatile back-and-forth swing of "In My Bed," as played for Rollo & Grady's live session series.

Pre-order Remember When from Aquarium Drunkard's imprint, Autumn Tone Records.

The Orwells - "In My Bed" (from Rolly & Grady Sessions)
The Orwells - "Mallrats (La La La)" (from Remember When)

The Orwells - "Who Needs You"

The Orwells

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