June 11, 2012

Levek - "Black Mold Grow"

Floridian musician David Levesque has been picked up by Lefse Records for his full-length debut as Levek: Look A Little Closer. First bursting onto the scene with creative and vivid a cappela rendtitions of tracks by Grizzly Bear and The Dirty Projectors, Levek later unveiled a full-band sound with Mayfield-caliber funk chops on the 2010 single "Look On The Bright Side." Uncovered by the always reliable ears of Father Daughter Records, the single ended up as one of our very favorite jams of the yearLook A Little Closer, due out on September 25th, hints at a similar palette of vintage 1970s funk & soul aesthetics with its first sampling, "Black Mold Grow." With bouncing bass grooves, swirling organs, splashy cymbals, and delicate loosely delivered vocals, the atmospheric track hits like a gulp of ice cold water on a sweltering summer day: refreshing, calming, and cool as hell.

Pre-order the vinyl.

Levek - "Black Mold Grow" (from Look A Little Closer)

Levek - "Look On The Bright Side"
Analog Edition Zine


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