June 12, 2012

Video: FIDLAR - "No Waves"

FIDLAR—the beer-soaked drug-fueled sleazy punk manifestation of skater motto "Fuck It Dog Life's A Risk"—are one of those bands that seem to be getting bigger by the minute. Once little-known blog sensations pushed by folks like Rollo & Grady, the band went on to release one of 2011's very best 7"s via White Iris, and now signed to Mom + Pop, are opening for The Hives on a major US tour. Who knew so many folks dig songs about weed, beer, and skating? Though there's certainly more to the music than its debaucherous lyrics, such as a pedal-to-the-floor rhythm section and hook-heavy ear-worming vocal melodies. The band's newest creation is a throwback VHS-shot video for "No Waves," which again stars headbanger and lip-syncer in residence, Alice Baxley, from the "Wait For The Man" video. And yes, it also involves beer in a can.


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