June 6, 2012

Sonny Smith feat. Neko Case - "Troublesome Affair"

I copped Sonny Smith's One Act Plays last summer after a Sunsets show in DC. The hand-drawn packaging caught my eye, as did the album title. I was imagining Smith showing off his acting chops with a few melodramatic monologues. Instead, what were originally written as plays were transformed into a series of comical and occasionally heartbreaking songs—and they don't dissapoint. With a supporting cast that includes Vetiver's Andy Cabic and Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer (misspelled as "Dwire" on my copy), the prolific Smith delivers his usual impeccably crafted pop goods. A major highlight and selling point is the duet with Neko Case: "Troublesome Affair." With Case playing the "lonesome cheater" character, the two voices slowly waltz over a mellow strum of acoustic guitar as they get acquainted with each other's "sinful stares," "lonesome bodies," and eventually feed their "starving souls." Basically, Smith and Case have sad lonely sex. Apparently that makes for great music.

Originally released in 2005 on CD, One Act Plays is now being rereleased on vinyl by the good folks at San Francisco's Secret Seven Records in an edition of 400 hand-numbered copies. Pick it up here.  

Sonny Smith feat. Neko Case - "Troublesome Affair" (from One Act Plays)

Sonny Smith

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