May 1, 2012

Nick Waterhouse & Allah-Las Release 7", 8", and 12"

Since releasing a few of last year's best vinyl singles, Nick Waterhouse and the Allah-Las have emerged as two of the west coast's more promising up-and-coming acts. Where Waterhouse dishes out blistering bursts of sweaty old school R&B with his backing band, the Allah-Las revel in vintage sun-baked Californian psychedelia with hypnotic swirling surf guitar riffs and insistent foot-tapping grooves. Waterhouse and the Allah-Las may record strictly with analog equipment and feature musical styles steeped in the sounds of another era, but as their time-warped music spins around the turntable it also feels vital, refreshing, and oddly of the moment. While the two bands got started with singles on Waterhouse's own Pres Records, they've now both relocated to the larger Los Angeles-based label Innovative Leisure, which just dropped a string of releases: a new Allah-Las 7" featuring the jangly acid-dropped sing-along "Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)," Waterhouse's excellent debut LP Time's All Gone, and a split 8-inch with the two bands playing different versions of the same track, "Don't You Forget It." It's hard to pick favorites, so I'm not going to: you should probably just snag it all.

The waxy goods can be found at Innovative Leisure.

Nick Waterhouse - "Is That Clear" ('At The Soul Inn' Lido Berlin, 2012-03-03)

Allah-Las - "Don't You Forget It"

Nick Waterhouse - "Don't You Forget It"

Nick Waterhouse

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  1. Well put ET. Getting excited for Allah-Las & Waterhouse North Africa tour in 2013.