May 2, 2012

Fletcher C. Johnson - "Messin' Up My Mind"

Brooklyn trio Fletcher C. Johnson, recommended via a commenter here on Everybody Taste, are wonderfully weird purveyors of pop-punk and garage rock. White Iris, the same folks that put out Fidlar's excellent DIYDUI 7", released Johnson's latest single, featuring the snappy and rollicking sing-along "Messin' Up My Mind" ("must have been messin' up my mind / must have been messing up my hair") by way of "Lost My Head," an impressively odd pop concoction with doo-wop background vocals and a short monologue heavy on advice ("always bet it all on Double Jeopardy").

Check out both tracks below, and if ya dig, nab the vinyl.

Fletcher C. Johnson - "Messin' Up My Mind"
Fletcher C. Johnson - "Lost My Head"

Fletcher C Johnson

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