April 25, 2012

Teen Mom :: Mean Tom

DC-based trio Teen Mom released their debut EP last week, Mean Tom, and despite the silly word play and that band name, it contains a handful of really wonderfully crafted and charming pop jams. While the EP''s single, "You and Me," wrestles in off-kilter swaying rhythms, clean-toned slices of guitar, and sweet hushed vocal melodies, the band also slops on the fuzz as in the very 90s second half of "Always Happy" and the jumpy chorus of album stand-out "I Wanna Go Out." The band can really turn on a dime, churning out walls of gain-heavy guitars one moment and jangly foot-tapping funk-laced pop the next. It's an incredibly promising six-track introduction, and one I can't recommend enough.

Listen to and download the EP from Bandcamp.

You and Me by Teen Mom



  1. Thanks for this. Really hits the mark for what I've been into lately. Glad I found the site.

  2. Agreed. Very Real Estate-esque, in a good way.