May 9, 2012

Father John Misty :: Everyone's Favorite Weird Uncle

Word is J. Tillman never liked his first name, Josh. However, on his highly intelligent, sarcastic, and druggy Laurel Canyon trip Fear Fun, it seems he's finally found his true calling as Father John Misty—a hybrid of the charming rock 'n' roll frontman and everyone's favorite weird uncle. Like other recent albums written in the Canyon, Tillman gets help here from producer and guitarist Jonathan Wilson and delivers a record steeped in immaculately recorded rock instrumentals, from the lingering whisps of organ and piano to quick hits of mandolin and a boatful of guitar. But what elevates this record into truly memorable and potentially classic territory is two-fold: Tillman's incredible vocals and rich use of harmony picked up from his time drumming with The Fleet Foxes, and perhaps even more importantly, the man's lyrics. There are so many wild head-turning one-liners, layers of depth, and laugh-out loud moments, that it can be hard to keep up with Tillman's fast nicotine and caffeine fueled delivery, but every bit of it is worth soaking up. What can start out as a traditional foot-tapping country song often ends up with Tillman taking his dick out, conversing with an animal, or asking the listener to punch him in the face and call him Nancy. Though there's a bit of shock value, the lyrics here really are astoundingly creative, rich with depth, and scattered with Tillman's own demons.

Tillman and the rest of the Father John Misty touring outfit recently performed a handful of songs from Fear Fun for KCRW in Los Angeles. Below, check out one of the record's lighter tracks, "I'm Writing A Novel," which includes this doozy of an opener:

I ran down the road / Pants down to my knees / Screaming please come help me / That Canadian shaman gave a little too much to me / And I'm writing a novel / Because it's never been done before.

Nab Fear Fun from Sub Pop.

Father John Misty - "I'm Writing A Novel" (from Fear Fun)

Father John Misty

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