May 9, 2012

Eternal Summers - "Millions"

I've spent the past year enveloped in the barebones rhythmic snap and crackle of Roanoke, Virginia's Eternal Summers and in turn they've slowly become one of my favorite bands. On the Prisoner 12", the Silver LP, and most recently, the collection of early material, The Dawn of Eternal Summers, there's a charming and forceful minimalistic approach that utilizes little more than a rhythm guitar, heavy bass and snare drum, and Nicole Yun's crisply melodic vocals. "Millions," the first song from the band's forthcoming full-length Correct Behavior, couldn't be any more surprising. Yes, the song races out of the gate with the band's signature rhythmic intensity, but Yun's guitar has never been dressed up with this level of production. And the overdubbed lead guitar in the chorus? If not a first, it's definitely a rarity for the group. While I might be partial to the simple and swift early less-is-more pile drivers like "Able To" and "Lightswitch," there's an exciting dynamism "Millions" hints at: with a bassist now added to the band's permanent lineup and a touch of glossy studio work, The Eternal Summers have never sounded so creatively fleshed-out. This fan couldn't be more excited to hear what's next.

Pre-order from Kanine Records. 

Eternal Summers - "Millions" (from Correct Behavior)
Eternal Summers - "Lightswitch" (from The Dawn of Eternal Summers)

Eternal Summers

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