April 2, 2012

Gentleman Jesse - "We Got To Get Out Of Here"

Welcome to one of my very favorite songs of 2012: the driving thumping bass and giant sing-along chorus of Gentleman Jesse's "We Got To Get Out Of Here." After a mugging and beating by way of a table leg landed Jesse Smith in bed for a month, the guy was getting seriously fed up with Atlanta. But instead of lashing out, Smith channeled all his frustations into Leaving Atlanta, a 13-track honey-coated power-pop classic that jangles, grooves, and most certainly rocks. "We Got To Get Out Of Here" is the record's anthemic finale: a blazingly upbeat rocker that puts Atlanta in the rearview mirror in cheery toe-tapping fashion. And that solo at the 1:22 mark? Yea, that's the good shit.

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Gentleman Jesse - "We Got To Get Out Of Here" (from Leaving Atlanta)

Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Gentleman Jesse & His Men

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