April 2, 2012

Natural Child's For The Love of The Game

Here's the cover art for Natural Child's second LP, For The Love Of The Game, the title of which is pictured freshly tattooed on the back of some poor lady's naked buttocks. Like 1971, the album continues the band's tradition of releasing records on April 20th, this time through our favorite Fullerton, California label, Burger Records. Though the LP lacks the fiery punk punch of numbers like "Cougar" or "Crack Mountain," there's a string of truly classic and raucous southern fried rock gems here, like the riff-soaked "Baby," heart-ache riddled sing-along "That's How I Got To Memphis," and end-of-the-line fight song, "Faces of Death." These Nashville jokesters even found a way to fit in a reggae song, "Paradise Heights," where the trio riff about codeine and weapons charges. There's a real youthful charm to the tracks on For The Love Of The Game that reminds me of just how fun, wonderfully stupid, and rebellious rock and roll can be. I'm not sure whether I should grab a six-pack and a fat joint and go watch Dazed and Confused or light a fistful of cherry bombs and throw them into my boss's toilet.

The record is out digitally now and on vinyl April 20th from Burger Records.

Natural Child - "8 AM Blues" (from For The Love of The Game)

Natural Child - "Ain't Gonna Stop" (from For The Love of The Game)

Natural Child


  1. both tracks are ain't gonna stop!

  2. Oops! Hadn't had my coffee yet. Fixed now.

  3. The lady that those buttocks are attached to can NOT be called poor in my neck of the woods! That's a national treasure!

  4. Artwork is as unimaginative as this bands songs.

    1. The cover is sick. Another dope album from one of the best up and coming bands. fuck yourself.

  5. Well, at least it's more imaginative than your lame anonymous comment. I for one wholly support nudity.

  6. get past the cover and uncover the talent ...or b a chick and judge
    ok it needs some base but good

  7. tight work
    best album yet!
    dont stop NC