April 3, 2012

Marisa Anderson - Live on KBOO

Marisa Anderson's guitar playing knocks me on my ass. Between her melodic fingerpicking, gorgeous use of the slide, and occasional dips and dives into the more dissonant spectrum of her six string's tones, the Portland guitarist is a truly special talent. Fans of Fahey, the blues, bluegrass, rock 'n' roll and just about everything in between will find a wealth of material to admire and fond over in Anderson's debut LP, The Golden Hour, released last year on Mississippi Records (and one of our very favorite albums of 2012). Anderson recently released a live session she recorded on March 8th for Portland's community radio station KBOO, the result of which is a batch of warm, rich, and mesmerizing solo instrumental journeys. Musically, you might never know just where Anderson's wandering play is headed, but that's part of the fun: sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Download the whole session via a pay-what-you-want scenario here.

Marisa Anderson - "Prelude"
Marisa Anderson - "Medley"

The Golden Hour - Marisa Anderson

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