February 24, 2012

Video: Hunx - "Private Room"

While we wait for Seth Bogart's Punx-less Hunx LP, Hairdresser Blues—due out next week—here's a peak at a second track from the record, "Private Room." According to Bogart, "Private Room" was inspired by his time at a nude beach in San Francisco. "If you walk all the way to the end near the Golden Gate Bridge," says Bogart, "there are actually little tiny caves and handmade private rooms made out of rocks from the ocean. Men go and have sex in these private rooms." Check out the video directed by Hannah Lew of Grass Widow after the jump. And no, unfortunately, Lew's vision does not include footage of dudes having sex in little beach caves.

Pre-order Hairdresser Blues on vinyl from Hardly Art.

Hunx - "Always Forever" (from Hairdresser Blues)

Too Young to Be In Love - Hunx & His Punx

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