February 27, 2012

Spanish Prisoners - "November Third"

Brooklyn four-piece Spanish Prisoners—named after the 1997 David Mamet film, The Spanish Prisoner—revel in jumpy, highly caffeinated, and dream-like psychedelic-dripped canvasses of sound. The band's 2011 9-track album Gold Fools is still making the rounds around the interweb, and it's for good reason. Every note, every rhythm, and every tone appear belabored over and honed down to a clear, crisp, and fully-realized vision of pop music. Perhaps the best track on the album, "November Third," flashes from an off-kilter Supertramp-recalling dose of electric piano to a chorus absolutely obliterated with gigantic waves of crushing reverb. The verse to chorus switch is akin to a sunny walk in the park turning into a cannon-launched trip into space and around the moon.

Download Gold Fools via a pay-what-you-want scenario on Bandcamp.

Spanish Prisoners - "November Third" (from Gold Fools)

Gold Fools - Spanish Prisoners

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