February 23, 2012

Lower Dens :: Nootropics

I avoided liking Lower Dens for the longest time. Perhaps it's because the songs never make a grab for the listener with ear-candied hooks or obvious pop constructions. Instead, Jana Hunter and company deliver some of the more subtle, meditative, and hypnotic pop music I've ever heard, arming themselves with quietly delivered melodies and repetitive almost geometrical lines of intersecting rhythm. Tracks like "Rosie" and "A Dog's Dick" will creep into your ear canal unnoticed one moment, and the next seemingly unfold and blossom. The music simply gets more interesting and enjoyable with each repeated listen. Lower Dens' second proper studio album, the double LP Nootropics—named for the smart drugs that help improve mental functions like memory, attention span, and concentration—is due out May 1st on Domino's Ribbon Music imprint. The extremely promising locomotive-powered lead single "Brains"—which we featured in and named last month's Plastic Brains mixtape after—is out next week on the 27th as a 10" double A-side vinyl single along with "Propagation" and non-album track, "Hours."

Pre-order the 10" single (limited to 750 copies). Pre-order Nootropics (gold vinyl edition limited to 350 copies). 

Lower Dens - "Brains" (from Nootropics)
Lower Dens - "A Dog's Dick" (from Twin Hand Movement)

Lower Dens

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  1. These smartdrugs look to be great alternatives to the more harmful versions. Clever album name and some good music to go with it.