February 29, 2012

The Paperhead - "Pictures of Her Demise"

Nashville psych-rock outfit The Paperhead—formerly known as The Looking Glass—released their first record in 2010 as a 100-run casette on hometown label Infinity Cat. That long sold-out release showcased three 18 year-olds tapping into a space time-warp of vintage psychedelia, utilizing the sort of fuzz, tone, and heavy LSD-inspired exploratory jams that were first born in the late 1960s. The band's sound has quickly earned them a devoted following since then with vinyl releases on the UK's Ample Play and Chicago's Trouble In Mind. Not only are the members' musical chops undeniable, but their playful mix of instrumentation is impossible not to enjoy with rock guitars and rolling bass lines grooving alongside Indian staples like the sitar and tabla drum a la The Beatles more drugged-out days. The band's newest release is a 7" featuring the uptempo bass-driven track, "Pictures of Her Demise." Due out on March 6th on Trouble In Mind, the song almost sounds like a lost cut from The Piper At The Gates of Dawn-era Pink Floyd, boasting very distinctive spliced together sections and an absolutely classic-sounding chorus dripped in harmony and piano. These guys might recall the dusty old records on your shelf, but they're also doing something special and original here—and I couldn't recommend it any higher.

Nab the Pictures of Her Demise 7" along with the band's self-titled LP from Trouble In Mind.

The Paperhead - "Pictures of Her Demise" (from Pictures of Her Demise 7")

The Paperhead - "Back To Those Days" (from The Paperhead)

The Paperhead


  1. I love it ! greetings from argentina.
    Federico Bramanti.

  2. when you come to Boston, play at Zuzu!