October 18, 2011

Yellowbirds - "Beneath The Reach of Light"

Sam Cohen of the great Apollo Sunshine released his solo debut The Color as Yellowbirds this past February. However, solo is a bit of an understatement, as this is no one-man band: pedal steels sparkle, drums pound, walls of guitar wail, and psychedelic washes of warm tone permeate through every second of music. Yet, this grandly produced work is also a surprisingly intimate one thanks to the steady voice of Cohen. As far as the music pushes and travels, Cohen remains in place as the even-toned voice of reason and only ticket out of Wonderland. Below, check out the album's intoxicating free single "Beneath The Reach of Light," and after the jump, its beautifully colored video.

Yellowbird - "Beneath The Reach of Light" (from The Color)

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