October 18, 2011

Bleached - "Searching Through The Past"

Bleached might just be 2011's best new band. Sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin have already released two burning hot 7"s this year— the Francis EP on Ooga Booga and Carter on Art Fag—and now have a third en route via Seattle's exquisistely tasteful Suicide Squeeze. If you thought "Think of You" and "You Take Time" sounded like instant classics, you ain't heard nothing yet, as brand new jam "Searching Through The Past" is pure fucking gold. In fact, the Clavin's might have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for a set of songwriting chops, as "Searching Through The Past" sounds like it was stolen right out of the history books: a head-banging sing-along with enough groove and attitude to burn all through the night.

Pre-order the 7" from Suicide Squeeze.

Bleached - "Searching Through The Past"

Bleached - "Think of You" 
Bleached - "Dazed"

Bleached's DJ Set On Aquarium Drunkard's Sirius XMU

Mika Miko

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