October 19, 2011

The Lovely Bad Things: Bonfires & Surf-Garage-Fuzz

La Mirada, California's The Lovely Bad Things do a pitch-perfect job of fusing surf-rock guitar tones with jangly garage fuzz and ear-pleasing harmony-glazed vocal melodies. Songs like "Cult Life" and "I Just Want You To Go Away" belong at a beach party right beside a blazing bonfire and a mass of jubilant dancing and singing party-goers. To put it simply, this is feel good music. To date, the band has put out two cassette tapes: one on Ultravivid Recordings in 2010 and a follow-up on Burger Records this past July. As soon as this band releases something on vinyl, I'm buying. (via R&G)

While Shark Week is sold out, you can still buy the S/T cassette from Burger Records.

The Lovely Bad Things - "Cult Life" (from Shark Week)

The Lovely Bad Things - "I Just Want You To Go Away" (from S/T)

Shannon and The Clams

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  1. Thanks for the love. It's an honor to be referenced on ET. Word