February 17, 2011

Streaming/Fondling: Futurebirds, Cass McCombs, Timbre Timbre, Cotton Jones

I don't like streaming. As an avid consumer of all things music, when I really dig something I want to keep it: whether it's by downloading it, preordering it, or running down the street to the record shop and searching for it in the non-alphabetized "general letter" section. The dangling of desirable ear-tingling goods within reach to sample but not take home is like going to the supermarket, fondling all of the best produce, and then leaving them for the next shopper to rifle through all over again. When I find a good grapefruit, I want to it take home. However, this blogger's streaming bin is piling up and am therefore left with no choice but to share these fine gems on a fondle-only basis.

The Futurebirds - "Wild Heart (Stevie Nicks Cover)" (from Via Flamina EP)

"Wild Heart" is the first single off The Futurebirds' Via Flamina EP, due out April 1st on blogger extraordinaire Justin Gage's Autumn Tone label. If these wild banjo-slinging, big chorus-singing gentleman turn out another three songs close to as good as this Stevie Nicks cover, this EP will undoubtedly be one of the year's best.

Cass McCombs - "County Line" (from WIT'S END)

I'm absolutely ready to call "County Line" the song of the year. Cass, with his crooning and soft whisper of a falsetto, turns this late-night soft-rock jam into a heartachingly human and soulful classic. Whenever I put this on I have the urge to find a dark, empty bar and slow dance by myself in front of the jukebox. Perhaps a bottle of bourbon in my left hand. Just saying. The album, WIT'S END, is due out April 12th.

Timbre Timbre - "Black Water" (from Creep On Creepin' On)

Songs don't get much more haunted than "Black Water" by Toronto folk trio Timber Timbre. The 4/4 Fats Domino piano, loose bass groove, and reserved brass section lend the song a soulful and funky feel, but the mood that permeates is a gothic darkness with talk of "cauldrons" and "spirits." When I hear Taylor Kirk sing "All I need is some sunshine," I can't help but think of a despondent vampire really aching to catch some daylight again.

Cotton Jones - "Lune Chatter" (from Sit Beside Your Vegetables)

My favorite track off the new Cotton Jones EP Sit Beside Your Vegetables is the wordless and celebratory circus-like "Lune Chatter." It reminds me immediately of two things: the harpischord intro to Van Morrison's "Everyone" off his Moondance LP and the quirky flavor of a Wes Anderson film, both of which memorably converge at the end of The Royal Tenenbaums. The EP is out February 22nd.

The Futurebirds - "Tracks of My Tears" (Smokey Robinson cover)
Cotton Jones - "Egg On A Sea" (from Sit Beside Your Vegatables)

Cotton Jones


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  2. Sorry Andy, had to take down your link. Definitely an awesome song though. Just heard the full EP and it's going to be a hard one to top.