February 18, 2011

Beach Fossils Feat. Jack Tatum - "Out In The Way"

I once referred to the The Beach Fossils as "subtle punks" and that sentiment still applies to the band's latest release, their EP What A Pleasure. The Beach Fossils aren't ones to make a splash—if this is punk music, it's punk with a heavy dose of valium: heavily melodic and straightforward, but never once forceful or angry. The hazy and nostalgic vibe that permeates through the band's music becomes exponentially more intoxicating with the appearance of Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum on "Out In The Way"—a cut of slow burning pop that delivers its punch with devastating simplicity.

Beach Fossils  Feat. Jack Tatum - "Out In The Way" (from What A Pleasure EP)

Beach Fossils

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