February 21, 2011

Sheepdogs - "Southern Dreaming"

The Sheepdogs are a reinvention project of sorts. Simmering classic southern rock—think the light shimmering guitar tone of Duane Allman Dickie Betts and the raspy vocal drive of a Ronnie Van Zant—freshly reincarnated via a couple of long-haired, pot-smoking, rabble-rousers from the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. The band is part of Rolling Stone's surprisingly thoughtful promotional project, where readers can vote for which of their sixteen handpicked young bands will appear on the cover of the magazine's summer issue. Aside from landing on the infamous cover, the winner will also receive a recording project with Atlantic Records and perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. My money's on the Sheepdogs, who have an excellent Pop Montreal live session available for free via Daytrotter. If you dig, vote for them here. (via)

The Sheepdogs - "Southern Dreaming" (from Daytrotter's Pop Montreal Session)

the Sheepdogs


  1. I think that's more Dickie Betts styled Allman Brothers but I'm with ya, The Sheepdogs deserve this one

  2. You're right! I just Youtubed me some Allmans. Duane was more of a slide and blues player. Dickie had that light rhythmic tone I'm thinking of, like on "Jessica."

  3. there's a lot of firebird in that picture