January 6, 2011

Walter Meego - "Starlight"

Back in 2008, Walter Meego's song "Forever" was all over the place: TV shows, beer commercials. It was the perfect vehicle for the dance-centric band to ride to greater popularity. But instead they seemed to disappear. I learned yesterday however, thanks to a Yvynyl post, that the band is still around making music. No longer on the Sony label, Walter Meego digitally self-released a follow-up to their debut in November of 2010 titled Wondervalley. Must-listen album standout "Starlight" opens with the same roaring chords as the J. Geils Band's "Love Stinks" and then takes off on a Marc Bolan-driven spacecraft, headed towards some far out cosmic world.

Walter Meego - "Starlight" (from Wondervalley)
Walter Meego - "Forever" (from Voyager)

Walter Meego

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