January 6, 2011

Starfucker :: Reptilians

Portland swirly electronic dance enthusiasts Starfucker have announced the details of their newest LP, Reptilians. The album, out March 8th on Polyvinyl, is available for preorder now with instant access to MP3s. I've been through the songs twice, and in terms of quality, it picks up right where Jupiter left off. Lyrically, the band spends a great deal of time tackling the difficult subject of death, yet the songs retain an incredibly peppy and upbeat character and tone. Whilst never as carefree as a track like "Boytoy," Reptilians nevertheless appears to be the most hopeful and upbeat collection of Starfucker music yet. Pair this with Cut Copy's forthcoming Zonoscope and you have an exciting year for dance music fans.

Starfucker - "Julius" (from Reptilians)


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