January 5, 2011

Slim Smith - "Born To Love"

I'm on a huge reggae kick right now. Especially the sparse pop sound of Studio One, deservedly dubbed back in the day as the "Motown of Jamaica" for its string of hit records. Slim Smith, one of the all-time great Jamaican vocalists, was a force for the label in the late 1960s working alongside prolific producer Bunny Lee. Smith's vocal prowess is evident on "Born To Love," a cut that recalls soul greats like Same Cooke and Curtis Mayfield, the latter of whom helped produce two songs for Smith's early band The Techniques. Smith's career, however, was tragically short. In 1973 at just 25 years old he bled to death after wounding himself on a piece of broken glass.

Slim Smith - "Born To Love"

Slim Smith

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  1. Thank you, love slim smith

    my fave reggae artist ,along with Bob marley!!