November 10, 2010

Hosannas - Together

Portland's Hosannas—known as Church up until a threatening lawsuit by the "Under The Milky Way" guys— recently released their first official studio album, Together—a mesmerizing tapestry of experimental bass thumps, swirling synthesized organ loops and countless other waves and beeps of esoteric instrumentation. But what's most captivating about the group is brothers' Brandon and Richard Laws' ability to craft a ballad. That skill is perfected here with "People I Know"—a slow burner, that after an initial splash at the surface, digs down deep into a well of soulful mourning and pop-fueled ecstasy.  Fans of the recent output by Twin Shadow and Small Black will find kindred spirits here with the Laws.

Hosannas - "When We Were Young" (from Together)

Stream: Hosannas - "People I Know" (from Together)


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