November 9, 2010

The Generationals - Trust EP

Independent rock bands from the South don't get the kind of national attention and press burgeoning bands from Brooklyn and Los Angeles do. But the music, most often, is just as good. Bands like North Carolina's Floating Action and Love Language and Louisiana's Generationals are creating intelligent and sophisticated contemporary pop music that bends genres and expectations just as it simply and blissfully pleases. The Generationals, after breaking out last year with their debut Con Law and its deliriously catchy single "When They Fight, They Fight," should now be poised to catch on fire. Their new Trust EP returns with the same fiercely catchy vocal melodies, hooks and adoration for Phil Spector's "wall of sound" that made Con Law so addictive—and then it takes that formula a step further. Giant pulsing synthesizers, dynamic and fascinating drumming that circles the recording space, and perfectly executed bass lines that pop and dance with a subtle and timely funk are added here to create a detailed and personally curated sound wholly unique and devastatingly catchy. The Trust EP will be one of the more fun experiences you'll have listening to a record this year.

The Generationals - "Trust" (from Trust EP)

Stream: The Generationals - "Carrying The Torch" (from Trust EP)

The Generationals

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