November 10, 2010

Lord Huron - "Mighty"

Lord Huron's Into The Sun EP was a fantastically hazy and psychedelic take on tropicalia music, where buzzing drone instruments and quickly picked guitar lines drifted in and out of the listener's ears like a traveling ocean breeze. Lord Huron is the project of Los Angeles-based musician Benji Schneider, inspired by his time spent on the shore of Michigan's Lake Huron. With his Mighty EP—Lord Huron's second release this year—Schneider has further mastered his sound, creating epic and dynamic journeys into the heart of weight and lightness and all that lives in between.

Purchase the EPs digitally via Bandcamp or grab the "Into The Sun" vinyl via Hit City USA.

Lord Huron - "Mighty" (from Mighty EP)

Lord Huron

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