August 28, 2009

Mason Jennings is falling out of windows

Minnesota troubadour Mason Jennings has a new record slated for release September 15th, titled Blood of Man. Director Barry Kimm recently visited Jennings in his studio to discuss the record and returned with a short film about the musician's creative process. The video features several songs from Blood of Man, including a few dark electric turns and the title-track—a beautifully plucked acoustic number the musician describes, amongst other metaphors, as "looking out of an airplane, watching a dog fight... that time when you fall out of a window before you hit the ground."

Mason Jennings - "The Field" (from Blood of Man)

Mason Jennings

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  1. This is a great anti-war song. I love the sound. I used to have a Fender guitar with a Fender pre-CBS amp and it sounded like this. Is this a tube amp? Anyway, great sound. This is such an earnest song.