August 27, 2009

Elvis Perkins In Deerland to release Doomsday EP

Following their critically acclaimed debut, Elvis Perkins In Deerland will release the Doomsday EP. Due out October 20 via XL Recordings, the EP will feature two versions of the previously released track as well as four additional songs recorded this past June in Pawtucket, RI. The release is best described in Mr. Perkins' own words:
...You have a song that arrived like the rest of us by boat, a selection from the Sacred Harp, a rock ‘n roll heralding the eternal advent of rock ‘n roll, an ode to the soul of the undead and, finally (and firstly), two takes on a single song called Doomsday, one which comes from our March release and the other which leans in the direction of its original conception as something of a gospel number . And here they all are, risen from their cribs and graves, under one moonlight while their folks and undertakers look the other way. - Elvis Perkins
Track listing:
1. Doomsday
2. Gypsy Davy (Traditional)
3. Stay Zombie Stay
4. Stop Drop Rock and Roll
5. Weeping Mary (J.P. Reese)
6. Slow Doomsday

Elvis Perkins In Deerland - "Doomsday" (from Elvis Perkins In Deerland)

Elvis Perkins In Dearland

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