August 31, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes, Luke Top, and capitalist rock

Recently, I've been rereading my grandfather's Calvin and Hobbes winter collection, It's A Magical World, and obsessing over the brilliance of the characters, dialogue, and story lines. It's easily one of the best—if not the best—cartoons of all time. The philosophy and pro-environment undertones in each panel seem so far ahead of its time, even if it was only a decade before Al Gore hit the scene. I was curious to see if Bill Watterson, the cartoon's creator and now recluse, ever tackled popular music in his panels. I came up with this brilliant ramble:
Calvin: The problem with rock and roll is that the generation that created it is now the establishment. Rock pretends it's still rebellious with its video posturing, but who believes it? The stars are all either 45-year-old zillionaires or they endorse soft drinks! The 'revolution' is a capitalist industry! Give me a break! Fortunately, I've found some protest music for today's youth. This stuff really offends Mom and Dad!
Hobbes: Easy-listening Muzak?!
Calvin: I play it real quiet, too.
...and now those 45-year-old zillionaires are pushing 70. Here's a song in honor of Calvin and his wonderful imaginary friends.

Luke Top - "Friends" (from Friends)

Luke Top

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