May 26, 2011

Hooray For Earth - "No Love"

Grand, lush, and out of this world, Hooray For Earth's debut LP True Loves will be a very welcome addition to the coming warm summer months. Whether it's the warm arpeggiated techno and anthemic chorus of "Sails," the Elephant-sized bass synth and upstroked reggae guitar on the title track, or the "Eye of The Tiger"-style muted guitar and giant celebratory brass of "No Love," this album is eager to please—and it does, at every turn. Frontman Noel Heroux clearly has an affinity for some of the finer pop moments of the 1980s, as at times, True Loves feels akin to dropping your Greatest Hits of The 80s compilation into a blender, injecting a healthy dose of steroids, and the for good measure, pouring a vile of acid into it. If "Bring Us Closer Together" doesn't remind you of Laura Branigan's "Gloria," then you should probably re-watch Flashdance. A more dynamic, expansive, and plain fun record hasn't passed this way in 2011.

True Loves is out on June 6th via Dovecote Records. Pre-order here. Download the band's recent Daytrotter session here.

Hooray For Earth - "No Love" (from True Loves)
Hooray For Earth - "Surrounded By Your Friends" (Daytrotter)

Stream "True Loves" and "Sails" after the jump.

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