May 25, 2011

Black Lips - "New Direction"

Holy hole in a doughnut, this new Black Lips record is delectable. On the Mark Ronson-produced Arabia Mountain, the group's punky psychedelic garage rock is as tightly wound and sharply honed as ever, coming in the form of an intravenous injection headed straight for your bloodstream. You can now stream the entire album over at Grooveshark. Last week, Rolling Stone also released another of the album's tracks as a free download—the irresistible foot-stomping and hip-shaking "New Direction." Snag it below, along with the previous album treat, "Modern Art."

Arabia Mountain is out on June 7th, but you can pre-order it now over at Insound.

Black Lips - "New Direction" (from Arabia Mountain)
Black Lips - "Modern Art" (from Arabia Mountain)


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