May 26, 2011

Idiot Glee - "Trouble At The Dancehall"

My favorite track off Idiot Glee's new album Paddywhack premiered yesterday on You Ain't No Picasso—"Trouble At The Dancehall." According to Matt's post, the track was written around a loop of Sandy Nelson’s instrumental surf rock-ish song “Teen Beat." Perhaps I read too much into the word "dancehall," but when I previously listened to the Idiot Glee track I envisioned a young white guy doing his take on Jamaican dancehall music, especially that syncopated beat and "Wanna be with you girl" line. I guess that just goes to prove how subjective the interpretation of music is—or how dumb I am. Have a listen and download the excellent track below along with an old dancehall favorite of mine by Sister Nancy.

Order Paddywhack here and make sure to grab Idiot Glee's "Don't Go Out Tonight" 7" over at Small Plates Records.

Idiot Glee - "Trouble At The Dancehall" (from Paddywhack)
Sister Nancy - "Bam Bam" (from One, Two)

Idiot Glee

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