May 24, 2011

Vetiver - "Wonder Why"

Today, we get another treat from the Vetiverse in the form of "Wonder Why," the second single from Andy Cabic's forthcoming June 14th Sub Pop release, The Errant Charm. In sharp contrast to the hazy electronic loops of previous album leak "Can't You Tell," "Wonder Why" is about as straightforward as a pop song gets, chugging along pounding drums, a bright piano motif, and an easily repeatable chorus. If "Can't You Tell" is a smokey late-night touch of dreamy psychedelia, "Wonder Is Why" is a warm summer afternoon driving around town with the windows down and music blasting. One thing is for certain, for better or worse, Cabic has never sounded so polished.

Vetiver - "Wonder Why" (from The Errant Charm)


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