March 29, 2013

Young Summer - "Fever Dream"

Over humming synthesizers and a drum loop, native Washingtonian singer Bobbie Allen dishes out Victoria Legrand-quality rasp in the intimate and soulful confessional, "Fever Dream." Allen's raw vocals, all steam and humidity, drip sweat and life over the track's slinky smooth electronic production—a bright contrast that makes "Fever Dream" an intoxicating and irresistibly crafted bit of R&B-soaked pop music. Young Summer is a collaboration between Allen and the Nashville-based songwriter Trent Dabbs, whose song "Undermine" was recently featured in the television show Nashville, as performed by actors Hayden Panettiere and Charles Eston. The duo's debut three-track EP is out now and available for free for a limited time from Noisetrade.

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