March 28, 2013

Bleached - "Dead In Your Head"

The Clavin sisters first three releases as Los Angeles pop-punk group Bleached were all 7"s, each with its own washed-out ("bleached") monochromatic cover art and pairing of songs each more fiercely melodic and devilishly addictive than the last. If "Dazed" recalled an afternoon in the garage picking melodies out of the dusty sunlit air, "Think of You" was The Misfits as sung by a sweet lovestruck kid, and "Searching Through The Past" a rumbling punk number with an impossibly sharp pop structure. On Ride Your Heart, the Clavin sisters deliver another related yet entirely new feeling set of wheels: sure, there's another aptly bleached album cover (this time with a turquoise hue) and another set of songs about boys, but this time the Clavins have the pop dial cranked to 10. On "Dead In Your Head," the record's second single, there's less Glenn Danzig and more straight-for-the-jugular injections of unadulterated new-wave-tinged pop: a bubbly mood-setting bass riff and a giant resonating chorus and vocal line that slices and dices through the sister's wonderful back catalogue like a knife through warm butter.

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Bleached - "Dead In Your Head"

Mika Miko


  1. Fuck yeah! Just found this band now.. bad ass!

    1. Same here, I was pleasantly surprised. Really enjoyed this! Hope to hear more from them - or better yet hope to share the stage with them some day!