February 7, 2013

Premiere: Burnt Ones - "Fountain of Youth"

A Burnt Ones song doesn't just play: it quakes, howls, and shakes its hips under the faint light of a blood-red moon. This Bay Area trio's playful penchant for excess comes in the form of thunderous booms of amplified guitar fuzz, which sound at once dizzying, assaultive, and deeply satisfying. This isn't let's sit down and contemplate life by the fire music; this is foot-stomping, thigh-slapping, celebratory, let's jump into the fire just to feel how it hot it burns music. Fresh off releasing a 7" on Oakland's Fuzz City Records and a pair of tracks for two compilations on John Dwyer's Castle Face imprint, Burnt Ones are now set to deliver their second long player, You'll Never Walk Alone. Burger Records, who co-released the band's sublime glam-smacked single "Meet The Golden One" with the band's own Gold Records, will put out You'll Never Walk Alone on April 30th. Below, dig into the raucous first taste, "Fountain of Youth"—all dark walls of guitar-chewing distortion and train-chugging rhythm flavored with an addictive candy-sweet bubblegum pop center.

Follow Burger Records on Facebook for the pre-order announcement. In the meantime, get your paws on previous Burnt Ones releases direct from the band.

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